ToastMessage Provider

ToastMessage.Provider wraps a ToastMessage, providing the ability to programatically show and hide the ToastMessage.
mount <ToastMessage.Provider />
<ToastMessage.Provider ref={node => (window.toastProvider = node)} />


Preview each ToastMessage and see how to call it.
Calls a processing ToastMessage.
Calls a success ToastMessage.
Calls a failure ToastMessage.
Calls a default ToastMessage.
addMessage.default with icon
Calls a default ToastMessage with an icon.
addMessage.default dark colour with icon
Calls a default dark ToastMessage with an icon.
Removes a ToastMessage.

Provider API

ToastMessage.Provider will pass any props that are defined on its component and uses the following:

Message object

Note: The first parameter of the addMessage method is the same as the primaryMessage in the message object. If both are provided, the primaryMessage property of the message object will take priority.

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ToastMessage Provider